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Digital Marketing Minneapolis

How Our Minneapolis Digital Marketing Agency Can Help

Are you looking for a digital marketing agency in Minneapolis to help you grow your business?

MLT Group is one of the top digital agencies in Minneapolis and beyond.

We provide web design, SEO, content marketing, pay per click services, and more.

But the services we provide aren't important. The benefits they provide are.

Imagine you're at your office and you hear the phone ring. It's yet-another-potential-customer calling to learn more about your services, book an appointment, or buy. Not too long ago, you were struggling to find leads for your business.

Either you or your salesperson was doing cold calls and getting rejected often. Or maybe you were getting by on word of mouth, but you knew your business could be bigger, better, and more profitable with the right marketing strategy.

Now, instead of chasing after sales or wishing word of mouth keeps your business afloat, you have a steady stream of customers coming to you. You have a system in place to help you market your business.

The right digital marketing strategy is like a "digital salesperson." With inbound marketing techniques, the end result is leads and sales coming in on auto-pilot. Let's take a look at the services our digital agency provides.

We’re a top-tier agency who wants to work with top-tier clients.

SEO Services

SEO helps people who are interested in your product or service find you on Google. It's one of the best marketing techniques because it focuses on attracting people who already want what you have to offer. Have you ever used Google to find a product or service? Exactly

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Website Design Services

Do you think a new website is just a "nice to have" item? Think again. Did you know your website design and development affects how it ranks on Google? Google uses design and development quality to rank websites. Only companies who know design and marketing can deliver for you.

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Video Production

Video production can help you grow your business. Customers love videos. Videos increase engagement, which is great for ranking on Google. Also, video production can help you stand out as an industry leader by featuring your product in a unique way. If you're not using video, you're missing out.

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Our Agency is Right for You If...

Choosing an agency is a huge decision. Choosing the wrong one can cost you time, energy, money, and more. You're doing your due diligence to find the right agency to work with. We look for good clients to work with.

Some companies will work with anybody who contacts them. Not us. We want to make sure the relationship is a good fit for both of us. Why? Because we don't want to waste your time. Also, it takes a certain type of business owner or marketing employee to work well with an agency.

We feel it's best to be honest and straightforward with you.

We're a top-tier agency who wants to work with top-tier clients. We'll work with you on services, packages, price, etc, but honestly, those are the least of our concerns.

In 2019, online marketing is at the peak of its potential. The internet has truly transformed the way we live, engage, and buy.

In this new digital age, there will be two types of business owners.

Those who understand the unfathomable power of the internet and thrive...

And those who keep putting it off year after year until it's too late to turn things around...

Which one will you be?

You're a Good Fit For Our Agency If:

  • You know the importance of marketing, but you need clarity on how to market your business
  • You understand the importance of the internet, but you need to know which channels are effective
  • Your primary concern is finding services that work and provide ROI. If you feel you can profit from working with an agency, you're willing to make the investment

Our Agency Isn't Right For You If:

  • You're looking for hacks and shortcuts. That's not what we do. Other Minnepolis agencies will be more than happy to over-promise and under deliver (good luck with that), but that's just not our thing
  • You think marketing is "nice to have," but optional. People who think this way simply don't understand the power of marketing. We don't want to work with shortsighted owners
  • Your primary concern is the price. We get it. You have to manage your revenue properly. But if you think of marketing as a "cost" and not an "investment," you're probably not of the right mindset for marketing

Did you know?

Googe is responsible for 96% of all smartphone search traffic and 94% total organic traffic.

Why We're Not Just Another Minneapolis Marketing Firm

There's no shortage of marketing firms in Minneapolis. It's a competitive space. You're probably asking yourself why you should choose us.

After all, every single marketing agency makes the same promises. They all tell you they'll help you find more customers for your business.

But here's the dirty little secret other digital agencies won't tell you: a lot of other agencies aren't that great at marketing. You'd think a marketing company would be, you know, good at marketing, but that's not always the case.

So how are we different. How can we prove we're the experts?

First, you found us by searching for services in Minneapolis and our office isn't actually in Minneapolis. We're based in Rochester, but we do business with tons of companies in the Twin Cities. We're one of the top marketing companies in Minnesota and our digital footprint proves it.

If we can rank our page for a city we're not even located in, imagine what we can do for you.

Next, you can check out our world-class digital marketing guides. These blog posts have been read by thousands and they're detailed to the point of absurdity (which is what it takes to be a national player on search engines). Most agencies won't take the time to write 4,000-word guides.

Our Top Digital Marketing Blog Posts

Inbound Marketing?

What is Inbound Marketing? Learn More About Inbound Marketing With Our Step by Step Guide

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Business Promotion

There are a million different ways to promote your business and a million different “experts” giving you advice on how to do it.

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Get SEO Results

How can you create an SEO campaign that gets you the results you need?

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The Biggest Difference Between MLT Group and Other Marketing Firms

Every business should have a unique selling proposition. A USP crystallizes why you're business isn't only unique, but better. Here's ours: Our digital marketing agency exists for one purpose only. We grow businesses. Marketing is a tool to grow your business. We're not interested in helping your site get more traffic just for the sake of it. We only focus on strategies that move the needle. We'll help you build your brand to become a leader in your industry. We'll help you find the right type of traffic -- people in your target market who will buy from you.

From start to finish, we will create strategies that work together to reach your business goals. We could easily throw together campaigns and collect money, but that's not our mission. Why? Because we actually love to grow businesses. This isn't a trait all companies have.

You won't sign up with us, get stuck with an "account manager" who knows little about marketing or your business, and feel like you’re in the dark about whether or not your campaign is working. At MLT Group, we're your strategic partner. We work with you as a partner and for you as an employee at the same time.

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Marketing FAQs

How much do your services cost?

We offer a wide variety of packages, services, and custom campaigns. Just reach out to or fill out the form at the bottom of the page. We'll reach out to you, learn your needs, and give you a free no-obligation marketing proposal.

Does this digital marketing stuff really work?

The short answer: Yes, if you work with the right agency and have the right strategy. We understand your hesitation. A lot of people have been burned by shoddy agencies. But if you talk with us, you'll quickly realize how we'll be able to get you results.

How long does digital marketing take to "work"?

This is a good question and an important one. Digital marketing takes time. If you can't commit to 12 months to let an SEO campaign mature, it's probably not right for you. You'll start to see traction after a few months, growth in six, and awesome results in twelve. If those numbers work for you, talk to us.

I've been burned before. How do I know things will be different this time?

We hear you. We've heard tons of digital marketing horror stories from our clients talking about old providers. The answer is similar to the above. Just talk to us. We have an easy going sales team who understands marketing, and more importantly, listens to you. You'll get a good vibe from us. Promise :)

I'm on a tight budget. Do you offer discount services?

Quality services require an investment. If you're looking for 'cheap' solutions, we're probably not the right company for you. We want to work with forward-thinking business owners who understand the true value and leverage marketing provides.

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