Maier Tree & Lawn

Website Design

Maier Tree and Lawn’s second site designed by MLT Group provided a new challenge for the creative team. Maier wanted to reorganize and simplify the design without losing all of the features they already enjoyed. The new website focuses more heavily on photography and real-life visuals, as opposed to the previous version which was more text heavy. This better suited a company that specializes in the beauty of nature. In addition, MLT Group combated clutter with a sub menu layout with an expanding and minimizing feature that sits comfortably on the photo banner. Once on interior web pages, this menu is repositioned and easily accessible for the user. Maier Tree and Lawn couldn’t be more proud to call this website their own.

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Print Design

Maier Tree and Lawn is an avid user of print materials in their marketing campaigns. For years MLT Group has created designs for billboards, mailers, event materials, banners, and more. Each design follows brand guidelines, contains a specific message or strategy, targets a known audience, and highlights a strong call-to-action. Maier has had great success in their print campaigns, and continue to promote their services and expertise with the help of MLT Group’s creative team.


Maier Tree and Lawn has a service area that includes Rochester, Winona and surrounding communities making the search engine optimization campaign for their site quite targeted geographically. Additionally they provide a wide variety of services, each of which required appropriate optimization throughout the site. MLT Group had provided exceptional ranking results for Maier’s previous site and the new site is likewise optimized and ranking extremely well for a wide variety of key phrases important to the business.

Video Production

Over the past few years MLT Group has produced a number of media projects for Maier Tree and Lawn including web based promotional videos, TV commercials and radio spots. Each of these projects has fit a specific need and leveraged the media of choice for powerful message delivery.

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