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Digital Marketing Strategy in Minneapolis & St. Paul

MLT Group creates digital marketing strategies for businesses in Rochester, MN & throughout the Midwest.

Digital marketing is an extensive field that involves all aspects of marketing on web platforms, requiring the finesse of real-world marketing and the technical aptitude of the web world. Tools such as blogs, forums, and social networking sites enable web users to easily conduct two-way communication online. This opens up a host of effective ways for your business to interact with prospects, customers, clients, and more.

Our digital marketing specialties include:

Blogs are easy to use and enable you to present information about your business and your areas of expertise. When configured correctly, a blog is a powerful tool for search engine optimization as well, which can help you increase your search engine rankings. Blogs also allow readers to post their comments and questions, which can enable you to establish an ongoing dialogue with your customers and other site visitors.

Social Media
As a business tool, social media platforms work similarly to traditional "offline" networking. They allow you to share information, make connections, get referrals, and demonstrate your expertise. As a business, a presence on social media is a great way to reach your customers and to make information readily accessible to everyone interested in your brand.

Really Simple Syndication (RSS) software allows people to subscribe to your website. Once someone downloads an RSS link for your site, they can automatically receive your content updates. As a result, an RSS feed can eliminate the need for someone to check your site for new information. For example, your customers can find out when you've updated your blog without having to visit your site directly.

Podcasts and Webcasts
A webcast allows you to display a presentation, such as a PowerPoint slideshow, on the web while participants listen in by phone. Podcasts are audio or video files that can be downloaded or streamed on a desktop, tablet, or mobile device. Both tools can be a great way to create a direct connection with customers and deliver more detailed and useful information to consumers.

A widget is a web-based gadget that's part hyperlink and part application, primarily designed by companies for their customers. Essentially, it's an icon that lets customers download applications to their desktop or their own personal website that, once clicked, opens up a mini-application or a link back to the corporate website.

Using these digital marketing tools, MLT Group can help your company formulate a winning digital marketing strategy. Through blogging, social networking, search engine optimization, and more, your digital marketing strategy will attract customers and will increase your business.

MLT Group – Creative Solutions is a name you can trust for a digital marketing strategy in Rochester, Minneapolis, and St. Paul, MN as well as throughout the Midwest. We also serve clients throughout the United States, so don’t wait – contact the experts at MLT Group today!

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