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Marketing Plan Development in Minneapolis & St. Paul

At MLT Group, we use our 6M Marketing Philosophy to develop effective marketing plans for organizations throughout Rochester, MN & the country.

Every business is unique and deserves a completely personalized marketing plan. At MLT Group, we know that your marketing strategies will vary depending on your industry, the time of year, and your target market. Our 6M Marketing Philosophy and discovery process guarantees that we know the ins and outs of your business so that we can create a marketing plan that will be effective and suitable for your individual business.

So what is MLT Group's 6M Marketing Philosophy?

Mix: Using the traditional 4 P's of the marketing mix (product, price, promotion, placement), MLT Group will establish a starting point for your marketing plan. Our marketing strategies will emphasize what makes your business unique, with a plan formulated specifically to help you reach your goals.

Market: Through our discovery process, we define your target market, including primary and secondary locations. No potential target is left untapped when you work with MLT Group to develop your marketing strategy.

Message: We can help make sure that you are sending the right message to your existing and potential customers. Our 6M Marketing Philosophy will ensure that your message is expressed throughout traditional marketing materials, branding, and within your company as well.

Materials: Speaking of marketing materials, are yours catching the eye of potential customers? With an expert team of graphic designers, copywriters, and project managers, MLT Group can help you develop marketing materials that you can't wait to show off. From brochures to business cards, and custom websites to commercials, we can help you with all of your marketing material needs!

Money: MLT Group works hard to fit your marketing plan into services that will work most effectively within your budget. We want your optimized marketing plan to deliver a high ROI.

Mobilization: Your marketing plan may vary with the season, or with other outside influences. MLT Group takes into account as the final piece of our 6M Marketing Philosophy to ensure that your plan is effective, visible, and working hard for your business.

If you're interested in learning more about our 6M Marketing Philosophy for traditional marketing plans and digital marketing strategies, please don't hesitate to contact us! Our friendly sales team is always ready to answer your questions, so call us at 507.281.3490 or e-mail us at!

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