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MLT Group also offers public relations consulting services in Rochester, MN as well as throughout the Midwest.

The goal of public relations is to manage and develop the perception and awareness of your organization among various publics. PR principles and practices include traditional marketing planning and execution, responding to emergency situations, and interacting with the media. Rochester-based MLT Group's public relations consulting services can help your business or organization create a complete and effective PR plan. We also provide a variety of one-time PR services, such as news release writing.

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Press Kit Development
A press kit, also known as a media kit, is a packet of promotional materials created for media members, prospective clients, vendors, investors, and others. The purpose of a press kit is to have a centralized compendium that includes your company's history, activities, achievements, and press coverage. MLT Group can help you create a print and/or online press kit that effectively illustrates your company's or organization's service or product information to make a positive first impression.

Press Release Consulting
Whether you are launching a new product, making a major announcement, or highlighting an innovative trade practice, a well-crafted press release can go a long way toward generating publicity for your business or organization. Consulting with MLT Group for press release writing and distribution can enhance the effectiveness of your efforts while helping you to avoid common press release pitfalls.

PR Planning
When it comes to public relations, the biggest mistake a company can make is failing to have a comprehensive PR plan. MLT Group's marketing and public relations specialists can help craft a plan for your public relations efforts including emergency communications strategies.

Spokesperson Preparation
There are times when your business or organization may be asked to provide an interview for the print media or appear on air for the TV or radio news. These can be great opportunities to promote your message. MLT Group offers a comprehensive and effective media relations training package for preparing your spokesperson before the cameras start rolling.

MLT Group provides public relations consulting services in Rochester, Minneapolis, and St. Paul, MN. For more information, give us a call at 507.281.3490.

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