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Referral Factory Pro

No one knows your business like your employees do. That’s why employee referrals are such a powerful tool for finding quality new hires. Referral Factory Pro gives you the tools your employees need to advocate for your business and spread the word about your business’ employment opportunities.

The Power of Employee Referrals

Employee referrals are consistently found to be one of the best sources of quality new-hires. Employees hired through a referral are found to stay longer, are higher quality, and less expensive to hire! So, it’s no surprise that most companies have a formal employee referral program. Unfortunately, many businesses struggle to help their engage in their employee referral program. That’s where Referral Factory Pro comes in.

What is Referral Factory Pro?

Referral Factory Pro is a customizable online message center that helps you leverage your employees’ social media networks to attract quality candidates to your business. In the message center, you can customize the look and a variety of messaging options that your employees can then share on their preferred social media networks.

Since Referral Factory Pro is easy to customize to match your business’ branding and messaging and even easier for your employees to use, you can kick your employee referral program into next gear and bridge the barrier to engagement.

After you’ve customized your messaging and branding, you can send your employees a link to the different message options. It only takes them a few seconds to share!

Referral Factory Pro includes:

  • Secure admin where you can customize the utility
  • A variety of prewritten message options that are customizable
  • Multimedia upload options, including infographics and video
  • Custom branding options
  • Messages sharable on a variety of social media platforms, including Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Tubmlr

If you’re not taking advantage of the power of employee referrals, your business is missing out on the opportunity to attract quality new-hires. With Referral Factory Pro, it’s never been easier to empower your employees to advocate for your business. Want to see for yourself? Check out our demo to see Referral Factory Pro in action! Ready to get started? Order now!

Broader Reach

On average, each of your employees has a social media reach of 150 people or more.

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Shorter Hire Time

It takes an average of 55 days to hire a candidate as opposed to an average of 29 days for a referred candidate.

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Better Quality Employees

Referred employees tend to stay longer and pick up on their responsibilities more quickly because they have insight from the referring employee.

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