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Industrial Video Production Minneapolis and Rochester

MLT Group provides video production for businesses & organizations in Minnesota & Nationwide

Since 1985, MLT Group has been providing professional video production services in Rochester, the Twin Cities, and across the Midwest. We serve a wide range of clients, such as Mayo Clinic, the Minnesota League of Cities, Victim Services, manufacturers, realtors, attorneys, the United Way, and MNDOT. All our clients depend on MLT Group to deliver high quality, cost-effective videos that promote products, services, and other communication needs effectively - and we’d like to do the same for you!

Our video production services include:

It's one thing to communicate information to your customers, but it’s another thing entirely to persuade them to act. With video production, you have that power! Eye-catching, creative, and well-targeted videography can make all the difference in getting your message across. Additionally, videos on the web can expand the reach of your message through your website and social media outlets!

We offer HD (high definition) digital video production services, as well as script writing, graphics design, animation and video editing performed by seasoned video professionals. Our shoot equipment includes a quad-copter for capturing aerial footage, steady cam, crane, and other camera mounts, as well as the latest in LED lighting.

You can be confident that MLT Group has the experience and expertise to communicate your business or organization’s message effectively via video for TV, web, or corporate use. So for top notch videography and video production services in Rochester, Minneapolis, St. Paul, or anywhere else in the upper Midwest, contact MLT Group today!

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