MLT Group Aerial Demo from Mike Pruett on Vimeo.

Aerial Video Footage Services in Rochester, MN

Drone camera services in St. Paul, Red Wing, Mankato, Winona, and other southeast Minnesota areas.

Look! Up in the air! Is it a bird? Is it a plane?

Nope! It's MLT Group's airborne drone video camera!

With the ability to capture breathtaking aerial video footage, MLT Group's quad-copter drone creates endless exciting possibilities for your next TV commercial, corporate video, or streaming live event coverage. Our drone can capture a stunning bird's eye view of your business, or film a unique action shot for your high-concept TV commercial. If you can dream it, we can do it with our drone aerial videography capabilities.

Before remote control drone cameras, aerial footage was an expensive endeavor that usually required renting a helicopter. If you previously couldn't afford aerial videographer services, it's time to get a new quote from MLT Group. Our drone camera technology is a game-changer for easily accessible and affordable aerial video footage.

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