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CD, DVD, and VHS Duplication Services in Rochester, MN

MLT Group also converts VHS to DVD at our Rochester, MN location.

MLT Group's video production team can handle all your video duplication, replication, and conversion needs in Rochester, MN. With more than 20 years of experience producing high-quality videos, our team provides duplication for any video format or project scope. Additionally, our in-house team of talented graphic designers can package and label your duplicates for future distribution.

MLT Group handles short run DVD, VHS, and CD duplication at our Rochester, MN studio. For larger quantities, we partner with top quality production houses in Minnesota and across the United States.

Some of our specific duplication services include:

DVD Duplication
DVDs are the market standard for video and data storage. At MLT Group, we can professionally replicate, print, and package your sales or marketing DVD presentation. DVDs also allow for a variety of additional features, including the creation of menus, chapter breaks, and supplementary audio tracks.

VHS Duplication
Not ready to abandon your old VHS tapes just yet? MLT Group provides duplication of VHS tapes to produce professional grade copies with custom face labels and colored cardboard sleeves. Custom printed covers and labels are also available.

VHS to DVD Conversion
Let MLT Group digitize your VHS video library by converting your old VHS tapes into DVDs. When you convert from VHS to DVD, you can say goodbye to clunky VHS technology without losing any of your video footage. DVDs are easier to store and are compatible with modern devices. MLT Group can also add chapter breaks and menus to easily organize your video experiences.

CD-ROM Business Cards
A mini CD-ROM business card combines multimedia technology and dynamic graphics that will more effectively communicate your message and boost your sales results.

Please call 507.281.3490 or e-mail sales@mltgroup.com for more information on these or any of our other video production services.

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