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MLT Group also provides web programming, web updates, & website hosting services for businesses & organizations in Rochester, MN & beyond.

MLT Group has offered professional website hosting to customers throughout Minnesota and North America since 1996. Our website hosting packages offer industrial strength infrastructure, providing enviable speed and reliability for your site. MLT Group's servers are among the fastest in the industry, with fiber optic connectivity to the web and 98+% "up" time. Our servers are supported by independent generators and redundant backup systems to ensure that your company's digital investment is protected.

At MLT Group, we implement systems to help you easily back up your data as well. Should you have concerns about your service or website hosting, or need additional services, you'll be able to email or call us directly at our office in Rochester, MN. Our friendly staff will be happy to provide the kind of personal service you deserve. No long waits on automated tech support lines and no rotating tech support person to talk to every time you call.

In addition to website hosting services, we are happy to provide both web programming and web update services. If you are in need of full website programming, look no further! MLT Group provides reliable, innovative programming services to make your website stand out in both appearance and functionality. If you need website updates along the way, our dedicated team members are happy to help you achieve your website goals – including updates and consultation throughout your time with us!

At MLT Group we know and appreciate the importance of your web site to your organization's goals. Sign up for MLT Group's fast and reliable website hosting to experience hassle free web hosting the way it should be. Contact us today!

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